COVID guidance

There are now no rules to follow regarding COVID, but we think it's important to leave some guidance in place to help keep people safe. The Safeguarding Team and PCC have agreed the following guidance:

  1. Mask wearing is optional, but we encourage them to be worn whilst singing
  2. The choir/band will perform from behind screens and need not wear masks
  3. Hand sanitisers are freely available, and we encourage their use
  4. We'll continue the Peace without physical contact
  5. We’ll continue to keep the church and hall well ventilated
  6. We encourage the use of lateral flow tests whilst they are available
  7. Approaching the rail for communion will be supervised by the sides-people and wardens on duty to reduce the time that people are in close contact

Obviously, if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID then we would ask you to not attend services or in-person church meetings.