Easing of restrictions

The new Government and Church of England guidelines suggest that there are no longer any restrictions in churches, but that the Vicar and the PCC agree local arrangements depending on their context.

In this light, the Safeguarding Team and the PCC have given careful thought to how we gradually ease our restrictions and begin to get back some of the things we have missed over the past 18 months.

For October and November we will make the following changes:

  • Rows may be reduced to 1 metre spacing (back of seat to back of seat) when needed.
  • Collection of names for Test and Trace will cease but the QR code will remain for those wishing to ‘check-in’.

The following will remain:

  • Spacing between family groups/bubbles remains at two.
  • The congregation will be allowed to sing, but whilst wearing masks.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times apart from when seated.
  • Masks don’t need to be worn for outdoor services.
  • Choir/singer/wind player numbers can be more than six if required.
  • Refreshments will be served during or after services.
    In the hall, serving will be from tables outside of the kitchen to minimise queuing.
  • The 8am service will remain a fully ‘COVID-secure’ service.
  • The Peace will remain as is.
  • Communion in one kind (bread only) and brought to seat by Beverly.
  • Choir/singers and wind players will perform behind screens.
  • Hand sanitising and cleaning.
  • Good ventilation through open windows and doors.

Please note:

  • A review would be prompted by any reinstatement of restrictions by the Government or the Church of England.
  • For life events (baptisms, weddings and funerals) taking place outside of a normal service, restrictions will be agreed with families at the discretion of the Vicar.
  • For festivals (e.g. Remembrance, Patronal Festival, Harvest) we reserve the right to reduce the seat spacing to one seat between family groups, but we will then ask for masks to be worn throughout.