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Accessibility statement

All Saints' Church welcomes everyone, of all ages and abilities, to worship with us. This statement is intended to give information about access to our buildings, services and events.

The Church

  • There are no steps to the church's main entrance and so the building can easily be accessed by wheelchair, or those with mobility issues.
  • There is a designated disabled parking space close to the main entrance.
  • Inside the church, the chairs can be moved to accomodate wheelchairs. There are several chairs with arms for those who prefer them. The sidespeople and wardens on duty will be happy to assist in making room for wheelchairs or finding a suitable place to sit.
  • The church is equipped with a loop system for those with loop enabled hearing aids. All those leading a service wear microphones and sound is projected throughout the church.
  • Large print copies of service booklets are available.
  • Weekly news-letters are available in church, on the website or can be delivered on request.
  • There is an accessible toilet in the church foyer with handrails.

The Reading Room

The Reading Room is just off the main church space and is used for more intimate services as well as meetings. Access from the church is flat. Access from the outer door is via a step.

  • The room is equipped with speakers and a loop system.
  • The accessible toilet in the foyer is accessed via the church.

The Church Hall

  • There are no steps from the car park into the hall, so there is easy, flat access by wheelchair or those with mobility issues.
  • The designated disabled parking space near the church can be used, or a space nearer the hall can be reserved for those with disabilities.
  • There is an accessible toilet in the foyer of the hall.


  • The Sunday sermon, prayers and blessing are recorded and can be accessed by dialling 01483 600674.
  • The Sunday sermon is posted to our YouTube channel each week.

For further information, please email Trish, the Parish Administrator or phone on 01483 563173.

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