Fresh expression

Fresh Expression of Church is a way of describing the planting of new congregations or churches which are different in ethos and style from the church which planted them, because they aim to reach a different group of people to those already attending the original church. They are established primarily for the benefit of those who have never been to church.

Alongside our services in church, All Saints also takes ‘church’ out in the community. One expression of this is the monthly Dray Court Service, at Dray Court Residential Home for the elderly. This has become a church in it’s own right, offering the opportunity to worship for those who may no longer be mobile enough to come to All Saints; and also offering a different venue for worship for anyone in the wider community who may like to come. Around 20-25 people meet on the third Wednesday afternoon of each month, served by a dedicated and talented team from All Saints.

Another expression of church in the community, are our two Messy Churches. One meets at Queen Eleanor School each term, on a Tuesday after school finishes; the other at Onslow Infants, also once a term after school. Messy Church offers creativity, celebration and hospitality to those who may be unfamiliar with church; and opens worship in an accessible way to children and adults alike.