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New to All Saints?

This page aims to answer some of the questions a visitor to All Saints may have. If your question isn't here, feel free to contact the Vicar, Revd. Beverly Watson or the Parish Administrator, Trish Tye.

Where is All Saints' Church?

All Saints' Church is in the area of Guildford known as Onslow Village. Take a look at our 'Contact us' page to see a map and address.

Can I park?

Yes! We have fifteen private parking spaces, including a designated disabled parking space close to the entrance of church. There is also a lot of free parking on streets nearby.

I have children, will they be welcome?

Children are always welcome at All Saints. The main Sunday service caters for children through 'Children's Church' (during term time). On the first Sunday of the month, we hold an 'Cafe-Style Altogether Worship' service that is designed for young and old. Take a look at our 'Children & Youth' section to see further details.

Is the building accessible by wheelchair?

Yes. There are no steps leading into the church and the doors are wide enough for wheelchairs. The loo is also suitable for wheelchairs. The church hall is also wheelchair friendly.

I have hearing difficulties, will I be able to hear ok?

Yes. We have recently invested in a new sound system and anyone speaking during the service will use a microphone. There is also a loop system.

What is the dress code?

We don't have one! Please wear whatever you are comfortable in. Jeans are definitely allowed!

Will I feel welcome at All Saints?

We really hope so. We have quite a diverse congregation and certainly hold no prejudices. When you come into church for a service, there will be welcomers at the door to help you with anything you may need.

How long are the services?

Our Sunday services last between 45 minutes (the 8am service) and an hour and a quarter (10am service)

Do I have to believe in God to come to church?

At All Saints we recognise that everyone is on a journey in faith, from the youngest to the oldest of us. For many people 'belonging' comes before 'believing', and we find ourselves growing in faith as we live and worship together. We all go through times of doubt and uncertainty, as well as times of sure faith. So please come as you are, and wherever you are on that journey; and you'll find a warm and understanding welcome. 

Do I have to give money?

There is a collection at most of our services, but you are not obliged to give. A collection bag will be passed round, but feel free to let it pass by when you're new. Like most churches, we rely on the generous giving of our congregation and more information on this is available on our 'donations' page.

Will I be expected to do anything during the service?

No, not at all. We hope you'll join in with the singing, but you don't even have to do that. You will notice that several people assist the Vicar during the service and, in time, you may wish to do that too. Many people volunteer for a variety of jobs, so if you'd like to be involved, take a look at our 'volunteering' page.

Will I have to talk to lots of people?

We make no apology that a few people will probably want to say hello and make you welcome. However, you're free to make a quick escape after the service, but we really hope you'll join us for coffee after the 10am Sunday service so that you can get to know us a little.

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