Small groups

The following small groups are available to everyone. They range from bible study groups to regular lunch groups. We aim to provide something for everyone.

The Barnabas Group

Barnabase Group

  • Meets regularly in the evening.
  • To encourage faith, discuss the truths of the Bible and their application in our daily lives.

Contact Richard Hemingway on 01483 570742

Sharing and Learning Group

sharing and learning

  • Meets fortnightly in the evening.
  • For newcomers or those renewing their faith, and to encourage and learn to support each other in prayer.

Contact Dave Barclay on 01483 572244

Friday Group

Friday Group

  • Meets fortnightly on Friday afternoons.
  • Bible Study, prayer and fellowship together.

Contact Peter and Carolyn Nicholls on 01483 825340

Young Adults

Young Adults logo

  • Meets monthly.
  • Friendship, faith and encouragement for young adults.

Contact Henrietta Harding on 01483 458064 or Martyn Whiteman on 01483 534317

Men's lunch/Men’s coffee

Men's Lunch and coffee

  • Meets up to five times a year for lunch.
  • Coffee morning meeting most months between lunches.

Contact Richard Pointer on 01483 576785

Hard of Hearing Group

Hard of Hearing Group

  • Meets every 3rd Monday in the month in the daytime.
  • Support for those with hearing issues, with visiting speakers.

Contact Mike or Rosemary Woodcock on 01483 569825

Welcome Group

  • Meets 1st Monday of month at 2.30 p.m. at Dray Court.
  • Mature folk having community and fun together.

Contact Jo Garrick on 01483 536531 or Sue Hawkins on 01483 577789

Wednesday Lunch Group

Lunch Group

  • Meets once a month for lunch and time together.

Contact Elizabeth McAlister on 01483 577258

Local Community Prayer Group

Local Community Prayer Group

  • Out and about in the local community, offering friendship and

Contact Rosemary Woodcock on 01483 569825 and Catherine Fewings 01483 485800

Prayer Breakfast

Prayer Breakfsat

  • Meets on the second Saturday of each month, 8-9am in the Chapel with breakfast in the Reading Room afterwards.
  • Contact Carolyn Nicholls on 825340