Switching to LED light bulbs

light bulb

Here are five good reasons to switch to LED light bulbs:

  1. Use your existing light fittings. If your lights are not dimmable, you’ll find an LED bulb to replace your current bulbs. Dimmable lights will need a new dimmer installed.
  2. LED bulbs need changing far less often. They can last up to 50 times longer! The bulbs produce almost no heat and so don’t damage themselves.
  3. They save money and the planet! Whilst the initial purchasing cost can potentially be high, the bulbs will often pay for themselves in less than a year. The average UK household can save around £160 a year just by switching. LED Bulbs are simply constructed with no hazardous materials or chemicals like mercury that are often found in more traditional bulbs.
  4. LED Bulbs are available in a wide range of colours!
  5. LED Bulbs light up instantly!

Thanks to www.ledbulbs.co.uk