The Guildford Library of Things

The Guildford Library of Things allows people to borrow really useful tools and items for free.

Read more about the library here:

It’s a pop up library service where items can be reserved online and picked up at Guildford library.

They don't currently have a public space to visit, but are working on that. You can view the Things by appointment if needed and items are available during library opening hours.

To use the service you must:

  • Be a Surrey Adult Library member
  • Use the Things responsibly, ensuring you learn how to use the Thing safely
  • Return the Things in the condition they were lent, cleaning them for the next borrower
  • Inform the library if a Thing is damaged, faulty or not working
  • Tell everyone about this great new community service
  • Tell the library about what you need

Items are free to borrow, a donation is discretionary.

The kind of Things available are:

  • Garden tools, e.g rakes, spades
  • Hand tools, e.g. saws, pipe cutters, laser distance meters
  • Outdoor things, e.g. pop-up tent, foot pump
  • Indoor things, e.g. board games

More info at: